Unicorns in Love – Squared!

What does a Baby Cubicorn want more than anything else in the world?

Another Baby Cubicorn to play with! I obviously had no choice but to whip up this little winged critter:


So happy together!


So what’s new in the world of PterodactylPants, you ask? Well, I just sold an awesome outlet keychain to Australia.

I have officially entered an Olympic Challenge of Plush. This contest is going to be HUGE! Kristen Rask, the owner of the Schmancy Gallery in Seattle is putting it on – and she does great things for the Indie Plush community. There are over 180 plush artists participating, and the judges are pretty impressive, too. I’ve been given the category of skiing – it’ll be interesting to see what I come up with, since I’ve never set foot in a pair of skis in my life!

I am also applying to be in the first annual Plush You! Show in LA. Plush You! is a big deal every fall in Seattle, and they’re branching out this year. I didn’t quite make the cut last year, but you know what they say about getting back on that horse . . .

Oh! And I sold a mini maggot for Haiti. There are still some other Plush Team members’ goodies left in the Plush Team’s Etsy shop – all proceeds go to the Red Cross. Head on over and peruse the merch.

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