Well, it’s been many years since I curled up with a good coloring book. I mean, many many years.

In fact, the last coloring book I ever picked up was probably one of these:



And that would have been back in 1990. Oh, how many frock coats and pantaloons did I color in as a child?

Anyway, I stumbled across a fabulous site last month and suddenly found myself overcome with a strong desire to color once again.

Since I am not one to stifle my impulses, I bought one of these awesome coloring books lickety split.


The Doodler’s Anonymous Coloring Book, Volume One, limited edition first run of only 250 – and one of them is mine! A collection of drawings and doodles from 29 amazing artists – whose drawings all make me drool!

I may not be able to draw as well as the doodlers in this book, but boy can I color! Of course, as soon as I sit down to get to work, something like this inevitably happens:


Taha approves!

Well, if they have any left, and you feel like channeling your inner child, I highly recommend getting one of your own!

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