Rain Dance

I need to shake things up. I don’t think I’ve picked up a needle and thread in . . . weeks. That hasn’t happened for the past 2 and a half years. What’s up with that? The longer I avoid my sewing table, the harder it gets to even contemplate approaching it again.

I need some inspiration. I have definitely been a voyeur in the craft world for the past few weeks. A peeping tom, if you will. Here are some the unsuspecting artists who I’ve been secretly admiring from afar. Maybe their works of brilliance will jolt me into rediscovering my creative mojo.

I could spend a long time gazing at the vibrant illustrations of Simon Wild.

Or the august, Vermont-inspired works of Ryan Fowler of Native Vermont Studios.

I guess if all else fails, I can pick up one of these Good To Know zines from the esteemed Pikaland Etsy shop – How to Overcome your Creative Stumbling Blocks. (Those of you who spend time in my sidebar may have seen her site already.)

Until then, I’ll keep doing doing the creativity rain dance . . . and wish for a downpour.

One thought on “Rain Dance

  1. I feel your creatively challenged pain! I get that way every once in a while. I usually go through different cycles of crafts throughout the year. When I’m in a plush making mode I usually make A LOT in a short span of time, then I burn out and put plush away for a while in favor of some other craft.

    One thing that works for me to come up with new crafty ideas is to take long walks of an hour or so. I need to get back to them this year both for my thighs and my creativity! LOL 🙂


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