Mothers Matter

There’s always a good reason to give. Thankfully, I have my beloved Plushteam to remind me of this. This month’s team project has been to donate plush to the Mothers Matter Project, a part of the Lauren Rose Albert Foundation. The foundation assembles and distributes tons of baskets of necessary items to Mothers in hospitals, shelters, etc. It’s a great idea, and I’m glad to help out! I sent in a bunch of Mini Maggots, Fuzzybottoms, and the Bubble Spawn.

Do you feel like doing some good? There are still a few Haiti Earthquake Relief items in the Plushteam Etsy shop, as well as some other St. Patty’s Day goodies. Buying handmade = doing good for the entire world!

In other news, I’m getting some feeling back in my sewing fingers. My Schmancy Olympic challenge is almost done, pending the arrival of the new scissors I ordered. Sharp scissors are important, and the ones I’m currently using are C-R-A-P. Then what’s next? Who knows!

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