We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring this super-important-crafty-news-brief!


I’ve been working hard on the March/April Plushteam challenge – mythology! (That’s any mythology, not just Greek or Roman.) I brainstormed Sea Serpents for a bit – the Leviathan, the Yacumama. I even whipped one up that I was sure was going to be mind-blowing.

It wasn’t.

The felt scales looked amazing – until I sewed the piece up and tried to turn it inside out. The layers were so thick that I had to pry and wrench the fabric to get it turned, and by then . . . well, it had lost its magic.

So I have to start from square one, but I’ve got a killer idea that is sure to make even my high school Latin teacher proud! It’s due by the 11th of April, so you won’t have to wait too long to see it.

My Muckety Muck Mud Puddle was featured on Etsy’s front page this week in a quirky April Fools Day Spread:

And thanks to that brief stint in the limelight, the PterodactylPants Etsy shop now has over 300 Hearts! That means that there are at least 300 people out there that loooooooove me! It’s enough to make me feel as warm and fuzzy on the inside as my maggots feel on the outside!

(Isn’t that Squid Hat the coolest?)

In other news, PterodactylPants now has over 100 followers on Twitter! Small potatoes for many, I know, but for me it’s cause to celebrate! What? You’re not a follower yet? Get your booty over there and follow my tweets! You’ve already missed me tweeting this evening about Charlton Heston’s stellar performance in The Ten Commandments! I shutter to think what other saucy tidbits you’ll miss out on if you don’t get moving.

And, as usual, I’ve been trolling the internets for inspiration and stumbled across this illustrator via PikalandNew Giraffe City. I love this one in particular.

Well, it’s back to cutting, sewing, and stuffing for me!

So it shall be written. So it shall be done.


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