This month’s Plush Team Challenge is to create something inspired by Las Vegas. So naturally, I thought of lobster. It’s pretty obvious I’ve never been Las Vegas.

I thought to myself, people eat lobster in fancy restaurants in Las Vegas, don’t they? So, just to be sure, I googled it and found this disturbing phenomenon. The Lobster Zone.

I in no way condone this practice. It seems a bit gross and a bit cold to me. But I’m no vegetarian, and neither is this Crustacean Critter. Thems the breaks.

I present to you, the Lobster Eating Lobster! Love it or hate it, you can snatch it up while it lasts in the Plush Team shop.

A Cannibalistic Haiku:

My friendships are few.

But when I feel lonely, I

Just fill up my plate!

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