A Great Miracle Happened There

A Great Miracle Happened There! It’s a little early for Chanukah preparations, I know (Although this year I’ve already begun seeing the Xmas displays in all the stores and heard Mariah Carey’s reassurances that all she wants for Christmas is me). So we’re (by we I mean me) getting swept up in the Holiday spirit obscenely early, too. Today is the day the much-awaited PterodactylPants Chanukah monsters land in the Plushteam Etsy shop. They come in a limited edition of four – one with each letter of the dreidel – a Nun, Gimmel, Hay, and Shin.

Chanukah monsters! Purple, Blue, White, and Green!

A Holy Haiku:

In eight light-filled days

A Chanukah miracle,

And Poof! I was born.

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