Winter Wonderland

Hello, lovely wonderful people of the inter-nets. Happy Winter! In honor of this majestic and miserable season’s commencement, I thought I’d drop a line and let you know that I am alive and well, and sewing.

December is a rough month, and I feel like most of us are trying to keep our heads above water until the first of the new year. I’ve got some exciting crafty events coming up in 2011, including the annual Plush Team Russian Xmas swap, and team gallery show at Hot Pop in Milwaukee.

Here’s a glimpse of what Chicago is like during this wintry-white season, to keep you occupied while my fingers whip up a fuzzy frenzy of new plush.

Waiting for the train, going downtown.

Macy’s, the once-iconic Marshall Fields on State Street. As you can see, it’s bumping this time of year!

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