Crank It Up!

Here it is, finally – my contribution to the Plushteam’s Steampunk Challenge.

Introducing, the Organ Grinder’s Monkey:

He’s an old soul – a bit somber, a bit morose from life on the streets. What’s that entwined in his tail? It’s a key . . . to the music of the people, the music of passion, the music of . . . the Hand Cranked Street Organ:

Closer look at the real vintage skeleton key:

and the secret lock it goes into:

Of course, in the grand tradition of Steampunk, this ornate instrument has its share of gears, brass, cranks, and cogs:

Voting for the challenge opens soon, so show the Organ Grinder’s Monkey some love over at the Plushteam blog. Want to see more photos of this masterpiece? Head over to my flickr stream.

)You might remember the Hurdy Gurdy Man I made a few years back, which was the inspiration for this piece. I’ve come a long way, huh?)

Here’s the Haiku from that piece:

A Cranky Haiku:

My retinue is

Guttersnipes and vagabonds,

Derelicts and you!

Here’s the Haiku for the latest piece:

A Simian Haiku:

Unlock the secret

Of music in moonlight, I

Keep under my hat.

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