The Slimehead Family

Welcome to August’s very prestigious and much awaited Haiku Contest! I will now unveil this month’s loot – The Orange Roughy Which is a fish – and it is actually a member of the Slimehead Family. Don’t you wish you were a member of the Slimehead Family, too? That sounds like a whole new line … More The Slimehead Family

The Lovers

This month’s Plushteam challenge is in honor of the 40th anniversary of Woodstock. While I myself was not alive in 1969, I was not at a loss for inspiration. I combed the inter-nets for photos, and was particularly inspired by those of the free-loving, mud-spattered, often bare-skinned attendees. So I made a pair of my … More The Lovers


Thanks to all who haiku-ed it up for this month’s contest. The (randomly chosen) winner is . . . Dot with her side-tickling lines: Orange and Fluffy Not so yum in my tummy They say, “What’s Up Doc?” Congratulations! Stay tuned for new projects from me. I’m finishing up some custom orders, and then I’m … More Veggie-kus


I got to work this morning and looked at the calendar when I realized, “I missed Haiku Contest Day!” I’m outraged at myself. So sorry, all you plush and haiku lovers out there. To make it up to you, a day late, here is this month’s spectacular and nutritious plush up for grabs in the … More Carotenoderma

Phloem Bundles

That’s the name of those little strings inside the banana. I did not know that until a few seconds ago! With that in mind, we have come to yet another PterodactylPants Haiku contest! If only every day could be the 5th of the month! Meet the Mini Banana Escape I put George Washington in there … More Phloem Bundles

Put Up Your Dukes!

The results are in! The winner of the Pugilist is . . . Lauri! A fellow lover of all things craft. With this gem: I’m green and I’m square. Piercing blue eyes, how they stare. Big fists, got a pair. Thanks to everyone who Haiku-ed! I always love to see what you guys come up … More Put Up Your Dukes!

Technical Knockout.

Welcome to the February PterodactylPants Haiku contest! Meet the Pugilist: He’s a Prize Fighter, and a real sweetheart. Want to win this very awesome and never before seen plush? Well, it’s easy! I think up a haiku to accompany each piece I create. All you need to do is think up the haiku that best … More Technical Knockout.


Congratulations to everyone who participated in this month’s haiku contest – it was a historical turnout! I’m proud of all of you – the caliber of haiku was impressive. And the winner is . . . Hayley! With this contribution: waiting for the rain a wobble to the window i must puddle jump Send me … More Hooray!


As in, the clock is ticking on this most excellent Haiku Contest! Here is a little taste of the Pink Puddle Jumper before she was. Get those haikus in now! You have until Monday night, January 12th, 7 pm Central time. Good lucK!

Haiku It!

Ok, people. We need to rally and make this the best turnout for the monthly Haiku Contest EVER. Tell your friends! Meet the Pink Puddle Jumper: She’s pink, and she has huge feet, and no arms to speak of. Puddle jumping is her divine calling! I know it’s a little girly – but even if … More Haiku It!