Baby Dragons

  Rrrrrrrraaawwwr!! They are only 3″ tall. Aren’t they cute? They remind me of this little internet gem. A Singed Haiku: Tell me no secrets. I can’t whisper, and I’m quite Incendiary! Advertisements


This happy couple was a special request for a pair of newlyweds who are particularly fond of Dia de los Muertos. And who isn’t? When the air gets a little crispy and golden leaves start to scatter about the streets, I can’t help but feel the spirit of the season. The season of the dead, … More Felicidades!

Plush You!

They’re finally here! These two pieces are heading off to the Plush You! show in Seattle. Slumberjacks? Lumberjackelopes? Either way, they are warm and cozy for the onset of fall. A Sylvan Haiku: Like rings in a tree, The profuse hairs in my beard Belie my old age.

The Catwomen

It’s not an exact science. Personally? Michelle Pfeiffer is my fave. A Villainous Haiku: While I lack sonar, My plethora of lives are No less impressive.

It’s Official

Inspector #1 and Inspector #2 Do you need anything inspected? A Bureaucratic Haiku: Hand me my Clipboard. An important fact must not Go unrecorded.

I Dub Thee

A Deputy Also available at Pitchfork, which is happening NEXT WEEKEND! My, how time flies when you have lots of work to do to prepare for something. Here’s the haiku from my original deputy post from three years ago. I was such a novice back then! I’ve really come a long way in my sewing, … More I Dub Thee

Halloween in June

Michael Myers (not to be confused with Mike Myers) This little guy is a super freaky, knife-wielding, psycho killer and stalker of Jamie Lee Curtis. A Deadly Haiku: On Hallowed evenings, I will lurk with sharp objects Outside your window.