Crank It Up!

Here it is, finally – my contribution to the Plushteam’s Steampunk Challenge. Introducing, the Organ Grinder’s Monkey: He’s an old soul – a bit somber, a bit morose from life on the streets. What’s that entwined in his tail? It’s a key . . . to the music of the people, the music of passion, … More Crank It Up!


Piece #3 for the Hot*Pop Show: The Atomic Firebug See the fiery wings? Inside a jar: Come see them in Milwaukee on the 21st!


Well, Pitchfork was a great success! I had a ton of fun, saw a bunch of wacky hipsters sporting inventive tattoos and ironic T-shirts. And I sold some plush. Would I do it again? Even with only a week and a half to prepare? You bet! Here’s my booth – bright eye catching colors and … More Successsssss!

Blog BOMBS Away!

The Plush Team is celebrating the release of its 120-page team annual with a “blog bomb” of plushy goodness! Other team members will be advertising this fine publication today in their own blogs, but you can get the whole scoop right here! What is in store for you upon opening this marvelous book? • An … More Blog BOMBS Away!

Stick a Fork in Me.

Pitchfork is just around the corner, and the PterodactylPants craft-labs are abuzz with excitement. This coven of Winged Sprites will be there! Will you? a Fluttery Haiku: We’re trouble makers, But our fuzzy wings make us Irresistible.

The Drool Factor

This litter monster can hardly contain itself. It is a true hedonist, hence the drool all over its face! After it eats everything in sight, it will use its wings to make a smooth getaway. Big news, folks. This little drooly critter and many others will be available for purchase in person, from me, at … More The Drool Factor

We Conquered.

Well, the Plushteam rocked San Mateo’s Maker Faire this past weekend. I sent a bushel of baby corn and some mini maggots to represent the windy city amongst the team’s amazing plush pieces. Check it out: Here’s a screen shot of a Gigapan of the team’s setup at the Faire. (What’s a Gigapan, right? I … More We Conquered.


I’ve stripped Sir Windsor of his knighthood. He just got too haughty for his own good. He is now plain old Mr. Windsor. Just the regular dude next door. Available now in the Plushteam Store. A Paternal Haiku: So sorry I’m late! My striped necktie seems to be All tied in a knot!

Sir Windsor

Father’s Day is around the bend, and here’s a sneak peek at some goodies for the occasion that will soon be available in the Plush Team Shop! It never hurts to get a head start on shopping for that special man in your life! More to come on Sir Windsor. (P.S. I had to Google … More Sir Windsor


Hello, Friends! Have no fear, I have been working. Here’s another toothy pouch I’ve whipped up recently. I’ve got a commissioned piece in the works now (that you’re sure to love!). Don’t forget to head over the Plushteam site to vote for your favorite entry in the mythology challenge – tomorrow’s the last day! You … More Punchy