Beware of Greeks

I took Latin in high school, while the practical students were in Spanish class. I took Latin for four years straight, a Classical Marathon culminating in the translation of Virgil’s Aeneid. Fast forward . . . uh . . . 9(!) years, and that epic work is still taking its toll on me. So it … More Beware of Greeks


************************* We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring this super-important-crafty-news-brief! ************************* I’ve been working hard on the March/April Plushteam challenge – mythology! (That’s any mythology, not just Greek or Roman.) I brainstormed Sea Serpents for a bit – the Leviathan, the Yacumama. I even whipped one up that I was sure was going to … More Slithery.

Where’s the Maggot?

The Plushteam has finally amassed all the wonderful goodies it will be sending to the Lauren’s Legacy Organization for their Mothers Matter Baskets. When I saw this picture, I was instantly reminded of Where’s Waldo – one of my absolute favorite phenomena from childhood. Can you spot the PterodactylPants Plush? (Hint: There are 7 in … More Where’s the Maggot?

Go for the Gold!

I finally finished my piece for the Schmancy Olympic Challenge! Hooray! As you know, I had the skiing category, a challenge for this plushmaker, as I’ve never skied in my life. Skiing comes naturally for this little guy, though, since he brings his own skis with him wherever he goes! And he always remembers to … More Go for the Gold!

Mothers Matter

There’s always a good reason to give. Thankfully, I have my beloved Plushteam to remind me of this. This month’s team project has been to donate plush to the Mothers Matter Project, a part of the Lauren Rose Albert Foundation. The foundation assembles and distributes tons of baskets of necessary items to Mothers in hospitals, … More Mothers Matter

Shout Out!

Here’s a shout out to a fellow Plushteamer, friend, and a real Plush Maven – Felicia of FluffyFlowers fame! She is the proud owner of one of my mini maggots, and as her creativity knows no bounds, she has concocted a heartwarming little story about him! The super-crrepy-and-amazingly-awesome monster plush is from JunkerJane. I know … More Shout Out!


Well, I’m back. I made it through my first “big” show, and it was a success! (check out the booth next to me with the umbrellas – that was a craft show first for me!) All the pieces of the puzzle seemed to come together at the last moment – despite my nerves. I found … More Bizarre