Maggots on Benches

Months ago I sent my Mini Walrus Maggot over to the folks at the Toy Society in Australia. Since then their project has blown up into a huge global plush-dropping operation! It’s so fun to read the notes from the unsuspecting people that find these randomly placed plush.  So the Mini Walrus Maggot waits for … More Maggots on Benches


Here’s a mug Edvard Munch could be proud of! The Screamer. The second in the series. I am thinking about submitting it to Mortal Plush: I am Not Your Toy show, but I have not yet decided. The show calls for plush conveying strong emotion, and this one certainly does. I’m also considering sending my … More Emotion

Getting Windy

A big Thanks to Christine Renee of re-conceived for including me in her fantastic new website – ChicagoCrafty. It is a comprehensive guide to all things crafty in the Windy City. How exciting! I’ve admired Christine from afar for a long time – she’s a fellow seller at Depart-Ment with a penchant for Zombie lore.  … More Getting Windy


A big Thank You to Heather of Dream Bird Designs for summing up exactly how I’ve felt this past week.  And for featuring that Crazy Ungulate! Remember him?


The Plush team is doing a swap this month, and it’s so exciting! It’s the first swap I’ve ever done, and it’s all quite secretive. One lucky member of the team will be receiving this special creature on their doorstep in a matter of days . . . but I can’t tell you who! (It’s … More Swaps!