I took this photo last week, just a few blocks from my house. There’s an aura of mystery in this town now that spring is a-brewin’.

Rain Dance

I need to shake things up. I don’t think I’ve picked up a needle and thread in . . . weeks. That hasn’t happened for the past 2 and a half years. What’s up with that? The longer I avoid my sewing table, the harder it gets to even contemplate approaching it again. I need … More Rain Dance


Well, it’s been many years since I curled up with a good coloring book. I mean, many many years. In fact, the last coloring book I ever picked up was probably one of these: And that would have been back in 1990. Oh, how many frock coats and pantaloons did I color in as a … More Coloring

The Void

Where have I been? In North Carolina, that’s where. I’ve been crazy busy – too busy even to make plush, which makes my soul hurt. And now I have the flu! Hang in there, plush fans, I anticipate getting back to my sewing machine on Sunday. Fingers crossed! Here’s a barn that I saw nestled … More The Void

The Forest.

It’s a plush-of-sorts. Actually, it’s a pillow. But I made it myself! I bought some luscious Marimekko fabric to spruce up my new couch. Check it out: My love affair with Marimekko started a very young age, thanks to my parents who kept us amply supplied with dishware, place settings, and awesome mugs boasting the … More The Forest.

Pterodactyl Mafia

I stumbled across this the other day, and of course my interest was piqued.  Pterodactyl Puke In the creator’s words, his blog consists of “Fine commentary on life, politics, current events, sports, movies, books, and pop culture – offered in a single projectile”.  I mention it because I am amused that someone else has chosen … More Pterodactyl Mafia