Wind me up.

I stumbled across this the other day online somewhere and it made me laugh. It also reminded me of me as I have an odd preoccupation with teeny wind up toys. It’s reminiscent of this gem from my original photo archives: I like this one, too, taken by┬áJonathan McIntosh, in Boston in 2003. Have a … More Wind me up.

Sea of Monsters

I found this video through Listicles – one of my new fave websites. It’s a compilation of lists – any kind of list you can think of. Lists of 120 flavors of KitKat Bars (Muscat?), lists of pun tattoos, lists of illustrations of pneumatic trains? That’s just been posted within the last week. I could … More Sea of Monsters


I can’t tell you how many times people have seen my Spawn pieces and assumed they were teeth – crazy, misshapen, often demonic teeth, but teeth nonetheless. I’m all about letting people see what they want to see in my artwork – every individual experiences the world differently, and that’s just their way of connecting … More Incisive.

Field Trip.

I spent this past Labor Day weekend visiting friends in Ann Arbor, and I was lucky enough to spend a day in nearby Detroit, touring what is left of the city. Having grown up in Cleveland, I was a bit flippant about the day trip. “I know everyone says Detroit is a rough place to … More Field Trip.