Cranberry Marmalade

Just a dollop! And while we’re at it, what the hell is the difference between jam and marmalade? (Other than the word “marmalade” being way more fun to say) Well, upon some quick research (thanks, Wikipedia!) I’ve discovered that marmalade is only made from citrus. Is the cranberry a citrus? Alas, it is not. How … More Cranberry Marmalade


Plucked from the depth of Amazonia, comes my newest creation – The Topiary! Once-feral shrubbery, gone tame. With berries! A Poisonous Haiku: Harvest my berries. Mix up toxic concoctions For your enemies. This is another piece, like the screamer, that I threw together for fun. It reminds me of the illustrations from a series of … More Horticulture