And a Baby . . . Carrot!

In case you need another dose of cute, I present to you: The Baby Carrot! Like I said – veggies with faces. To give you a sense of scale. It reminds me of all the teeny tiny carrots I pulled out of my garden when I was a teeny tiny girl. I was so impatient … More And a Baby . . . Carrot!


I got to work this morning and looked at the calendar when I realized, “I missed Haiku Contest Day!” I’m outraged at myself. So sorry, all you plush and haiku lovers out there. To make it up to you, a day late, here is this month’s spectacular and nutritious plush up for grabs in the … More Carotenoderma

Fortuitous Fuzz

Well, it’s the nature of the season. I have made a plush rabbit. If you go poke around on Etsy you’ll find all sorts of rabbits abounding like . . . well, rabbits. Here’s my version. It’s a nod to my original FuzzyBottom design, but entirely new. Rabbits love carrots, right? I’m tickled over this … More Fortuitous Fuzz