Cabbages and Kings

Well, the St. Louis Crammed Organisms trip was a real eye-opener. The caliber of work they had on display was impressive, to say the least. Some of the pieces I saw were so innovative, creative, and different, it made me reconsider my entire plush philosophy. Here’s the bottom line: I am proud of what I’ve … More Cabbages and Kings

Spilling the Beans

Here are the beans! I’ve noticed on other plush pages that no one has qualms about showing their Crammed Organisms submissions off now, way before the show begins. So why should I? Here goes. (Sound trumpets.) Here are my submission for the show. 9 pieces in all. The Apples (The big one is the only … More Spilling the Beans

Sneak Peek

Ok, ok. You’re fiending for some plush! I know. Here’s a sneak peek of what I’m working on for the show. What is it? I can’t tell you! ? So mysterious. I hope this has whetted your appetites. Show pieces won’t be unveiled on the website until June, but I’ll start making new, non-show related … More Sneak Peek