Mini Monday

I am proud to announce my addition to the Plushteam’s $5 Mini Plush Monday Event! Since I made these pieces for this very special promo event, their price is unprecedented and only available for a limited time. It’s a STEAL, people, don’t miss out! Much like my Mini-Escapes, these guys are teeny (about 5″ tall) … More Mini Monday


All done! 10 little plushies on their way to the Geode Gallery in Cleveland, OH. And from the back: A size comparison: Posing with one of my new rings. My fingers are so tired from sewing all their mouths closed! I think I may modify this design and post a few more for sale online … More Done!

Phloem Bundles

That’s the name of those little strings inside the banana. I did not know that until a few seconds ago! With that in mind, we have come to yet another PterodactylPants Haiku contest! If only every day could be the 5th of the month! Meet the Mini Banana Escape I put George Washington in there … More Phloem Bundles

Mini Escape

A mini version. This one is about 9″ x9″. The other one is over a foot tall! Both are up for sale in my Etsy Shop.