Fresh Baked

Where have I been? I’ve taken a break from my purely creative pursuits to give the people what they want. Plush, al dente, made-to-order. A fuzzy peach. A Cubicorn (throwback!) ¬†And of course, the classic and much-loved corn on the cob. The people have spoken! I hope to be back soon with some brand new … More Fresh Baked

Cranberry Marmalade

Just a dollop! And while we’re at it, what the hell is the difference between jam and marmalade? (Other than the word “marmalade” being way more fun to say) Well, upon some quick research (thanks, Wikipedia!) I’ve discovered that marmalade is only made from citrus. Is the cranberry a citrus? Alas, it is not. How … More Cranberry Marmalade


Just playing around with colors and patterns. You’ll find these two in my shop. I like this picture a lot. Looks real, no? I’ve fully stocked my store with everything I have available to sell at the moment. Now that the work is out of the way, I am going to start experimenting again with … More Fruity

An Apple a Day

I told you it was coming! The Plaid Apple. An instant classic. These apples are so much fun to make, and so satisfying to hold in your hand. The apple is plaid flannel and the stem and leaf are fleece. Very squishy, and worm-free! A Plaid Apple Haiku: I’m crisp and crunchy! Spend the afternoon … More An Apple a Day