Baby Dragons

  Rrrrrrrraaawwwr!! They are only 3″ tall. Aren’t they cute? They remind me of this little internet gem. A Singed Haiku: Tell me no secrets. I can’t whisper, and I’m quite Incendiary!


Here’s a little hug for you. Front and Back A Warm Haiku: Wrap your arms ’round me, And your heart will go fuzzy With soft happiness.

The Wooly Muncher

There have been many famous munchers throughout history. Back in the 80’s and 90’s we had this guy: And this guy’s been around since 1900: And today I introduce this guy: He’s made of luscious wool (a birthday present from my wonderful friends) in sophisticated green and gold plaids. His fuzzy lips are actually secret … More The Wooly Muncher

Oui Oui!

It’s me! I’m back! And I made a Broccoli Monster! It’s exciting. So, from the front, this critter has many large chompers for chomping green veggies: And on the back – a fancy veggie tattoo. This little broccoli applique is made up of many many little french knots. Too many to count! What’s a french … More Oui Oui!


Well, the winner of the final haiku contest of 2009 is . . . Merlin! With this haiku: My red, bloodshot eyes Tell the tale of my sleepless, blue eternity. Congratulations, and well done, all! Now take a look at the slimy, slithering little monster I’ve concocted: Just another juicy treat available in my Etsy … More Slithery


No, it’s not really a vampire. It’s a hideous beast! Actually, this beast is quite adorable, if not a little cranky. Meet the Dendrophobe! Deeply terrified of trees. Hence the stump: Now, we here at PterodactylPants love and adore trees and do not condone chopping them down in any way. We appreciate trees in all … More Trans-Sylvanian


Plucked from the depth of Amazonia, comes my newest creation – The Topiary! Once-feral shrubbery, gone tame. With berries! A Poisonous Haiku: Harvest my berries. Mix up toxic concoctions For your enemies. This is another piece, like the screamer, that I threw together for fun. It reminds me of the illustrations from a series of … More Horticulture