Dabbling in PterodactylPants Once Again

And this month’s spectacular-Haiku-Contest-giveaway-winner is . . . Marija Cilia!!! With this tasty tidbit: I look lethargic But you’ll find I’m wide awake… If you disturb me! It’s catchy and all too true. Don’t disturb sleepy fish! Congratulations, Marija! The Orange Roughy is all yours. The rest of you will have to sit tight until … More Dabbling in PterodactylPants Once Again

The Slimehead Family

Welcome to August’s very prestigious and much awaited Haiku Contest! I will now unveil this month’s loot – The Orange Roughy Which is a fish – and it is actually a member of the Slimehead Family. Don’t you wish you were a member of the Slimehead Family, too? That sounds like a whole new line … More The Slimehead Family


Haiku Challenge Day!!!! It’s the best day of the month. This Cinco de Mayo, I have a special treat. Straight from the estuary – meet the Muckety-Muck. This squeezable pile of goo is not as arrogant as its name would imply. The look of disdain is just boredom. It has waited countless years for sediment … More Muckety-Muck


I got to work this morning and looked at the calendar when I realized, “I missed Haiku Contest Day!” I’m outraged at myself. So sorry, all you plush and haiku lovers out there. To make it up to you, a day late, here is this month’s spectacular and nutritious plush up for grabs in the … More Carotenoderma

Put Up Your Dukes!

The results are in! The winner of the Pugilist is . . . Lauri! A fellow lover of all things craft. With this gem: I’m green and I’m square. Piercing blue eyes, how they stare. Big fists, got a pair. Thanks to everyone who Haiku-ed! I always love to see what you guys come up … More Put Up Your Dukes!


Congratulations to everyone who participated in this month’s haiku contest – it was a historical turnout! I’m proud of all of you – the caliber of haiku was impressive. And the winner is . . . Hayley! With this contribution: waiting for the rain a wobble to the window i must puddle jump Send me … More Hooray!

Haiku It!

Ok, people. We need to rally and make this the best turnout for the monthly Haiku Contest EVER. Tell your friends! Meet the Pink Puddle Jumper: She’s pink, and she has huge feet, and no arms to speak of. Puddle jumping is her divine calling! I know it’s a little girly – but even if … More Haiku It!

Just in Time!

You know what day it is? Haiku Contest Day! Yessssss! Meet the newest PterodactylPants creature: You need to really concentrate on this one to see the true essence. It’s a chromosom-o-naut! (I know – it looks nothing like a chromosome.) It’s two cosmonauts fused together at the head. Look at those three crazed eyeballs! You … More Just in Time!