Do you ever say to yourself, “I wish I had more stuff that I could use to stick stuff to other stuff.”? PterodactylPants now has magnets for that. Take a gander:   Packs of 4 and Packs of 2 A Sticky Haiku: Your “Happy Birthday” Flutters every time I eat Chocolate ice cream.


As in, the clock is ticking on this most excellent Haiku Contest! Here is a little taste of the Pink Puddle Jumper before she was. Get those haikus in now! You have until Monday night, January 12th, 7 pm Central time. Good lucK!

Haiku It!

Ok, people. We need to rally and make this the best turnout for the monthly Haiku Contest EVER. Tell your friends! Meet the Pink Puddle Jumper: She’s pink, and she has huge feet, and no arms to speak of. Puddle jumping is her divine calling! I know it’s a little girly – but even if … More Haiku It!

Drumroll . . .

And the winner is Vadim! (Although I know that is not your real name) With this slimy haiku: Squeeze me and I’ll lick your face. Healthy, slimy love. But I’m not a dog! Thanks to everyone who wrote such amazing haikus! (That means you: Jeannie, SMS, Vadim, Tom, Morgen, Adam, and Sarah!) If you entered … More Drumroll . . .

The Salubrious Slug

Yes! It’s back! Welcome to the Second Monthly PterodactylPants Haiku Contest! Meet the Salubrious Slug: sa * lu * bri * ous – favorable to or promoting health; healthful: Excuse the vocabulary word – I’m studying for the GRE and I love the way this one sounds. Does this slug promote health and well-being? Sure … More The Salubrious Slug


Meet another in the PterodactylPants family – Odilon the Cyclops. I named this monster after its favorite painter – Odilon Redon. It’s a great name, after all. It’s no surprise either, that Odilon the Cyclops loves this painting the best. (Creepy and awesome – like my plush!) I am toying with the idea of adding … More Odilon

The Haiku Haiku

Hello, plush loving friends! I have been overjoyed at the entries you guys have submitted to the haiku contest – they have made me smile every day for the past week! Thank you to Judy K, Dasi, Kristen, Amon, Sarah, Morgen, Austin, Jeannie, Tom, Luke, Gustav, and many others whose names, I’m fairly sure, have … More The Haiku Haiku