Baby Dragons

  Rrrrrrrraaawwwr!! They are only 3″ tall. Aren’t they cute? They remind me of this little internet gem. A Singed Haiku: Tell me no secrets. I can’t whisper, and I’m quite Incendiary!

Oui Oui!

It’s me! I’m back! And I made a Broccoli Monster! It’s exciting. So, from the front, this critter has many large chompers for chomping green veggies: And on the back – a fancy veggie tattoo. This little broccoli applique is made up of many many little french knots. Too many to count! What’s a french … More Oui Oui!

Sir Windsor

Father’s Day is around the bend, and here’s a sneak peek at some goodies for the occasion that will soon be available in the Plush Team Shop! It never hurts to get a head start on shopping for that special man in your life! More to come on Sir Windsor. (P.S. I had to Google … More Sir Windsor


Meet the mini fire breather – a Baby Dragon! Spitting fire all over the place! Baby horns, a teeny baby tail, and baby wings, too! A Singed Haiku: Tell me no secrets. I can’t whisper, and I’m quite Incendiary!

No, not Xylophone. . .

Xylophobe! Intense fear of wooden objects. What a sweet face! He may be a scaredy cat, but he’s still smiling! And on the back . . . Ah! So Scary. A Grainy Haiku: It’s easy to tell How many years I’ve been here. I don’t keep secrets!

Rainy Day Blues

This is the Ombrophobe. He may look a bit gloomy, but that is only because he has an intense fear of the rain. Every time it rains his horns get completely soaked, and his little tail drags in the mud. It makes him sad. Perhaps you’re feeling a little down? A little blue? This little … More Rainy Day Blues

The Astraphobe

From the snow-capped mountains of Scandinavia comes the small-yet-mighty Astraphobe. Yes, he may have an unreasonable fear of thunder, but he makes up for it other ways. He has Super Snuggle Power – which means, when you cuddle with this little monster during a thunderstorm, he eats up all of your worries. Those startling claps … More The Astraphobe