Unicorns in Love – Squared!

What does a Baby Cubicorn want more than anything else in the world? Another Baby Cubicorn to play with! I obviously had no choice but to whip up this little winged critter: So happy together! So what’s new in the world of PterodactylPants, you ask? Well, I just sold an awesome outlet keychain to Australia. … More Unicorns in Love – Squared!

The Cubicorn

AKA – Gutsy Unicorn attempt #2! (forgive the funny background, I’d have a hell of a time getting those fluffy white wings to show up against my lightbox.) It’s 3D, and it’s adorable. It has a little keyring so you can attach it to just about anything – you can take it with you everywhere! … More The Cubicorn

The Monocerous

A Unicorn! She’s kinda peeved. Which is how I felt when I finished her. Honestly. I tried to make her smile more than once, and she just didn’t want to do it! With her pink dragon wings she is a bit malevolent, anyway. The Malevolent Pegasus Unicorn! Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you … More The Monocerous