Maggots in Jackets

To be more accurate – this maggot has been made out of a jacket! An old BCBG number that was a bit too small. But I loved the pattern on the fabric and the colors, so I didn’t want to let it go! Solution? Plush! Of the upcycled variety. Recycled. Repurposed. Eco-friendly. How trendy am … More Maggots in Jackets


“Aeroplankton (or aerial plankton) is the term used to describe the tiny lifeforms which float and drift in the air, carried by the current of the wind; it is the atmospheric analogue to oceanic plankton.” (Thanks, Wikipedia!) You know what falls into this category? Aphids! A distant cousin of the Rodamaur. Facing such formidable body … More Aeroplankton