Unicorns in Love – Squared!

What does a Baby Cubicorn want more than anything else in the world? Another Baby Cubicorn to play with! I obviously had no choice but to whip up this little winged critter: So happy together! So what’s new in the world of PterodactylPants, you ask? Well, I just sold an awesome outlet keychain to Australia. … More Unicorns in Love – Squared!

Mini Escape

A mini version. This one is about 9″ x9″. The other one is over a foot tall! Both are up for sale in my Etsy Shop.

Bitten and Smitten

Here’s a piece I did for the Department Show. Back to work! (I have so much more to sew – and the clock is ticking!) A bit romantic, isn’t it? A Cherubic Haiku: If you stand too close I’ll pierce you through the heart with Arrows of desire.