Shout Out!

Here’s a shout out to a fellow Plushteamer, friend, and a real Plush Maven – Felicia of FluffyFlowers fame! She is the proud owner of one of my mini maggots, and as her creativity knows no bounds, she has concocted a heartwarming little story about him! The super-crrepy-and-amazingly-awesome monster plush is from JunkerJane. I know … More Shout Out!


I have been participating in general maggotry. This is a little maggot I whipped up between projects – therapeutic plushing for me, in a way. Now I embark on a new adventure – a commission for an upcoming baby shower. I’m particularly interested to see how this one turns out! What will I be making, … More Maggotry

Maggots in Jackets

To be more accurate – this maggot has been made out of a jacket! An old BCBG number that was a bit too small. But I loved the pattern on the fabric and the colors, so I didn’t want to let it go! Solution? Plush! Of the upcycled variety. Recycled. Repurposed. Eco-friendly. How trendy am … More Maggots in Jackets

Maggots on Benches

Months ago I sent my Mini Walrus Maggot over to the folks at the Toy Society in Australia. Since then their project has blown up into a huge global plush-dropping operation! It’s so fun to read the notes from the unsuspecting people that find these randomly placed plush.  So the Mini Walrus Maggot waits for … More Maggots on Benches

More? Yes!

I am still a crazy Maggot-Lady. A year after making my first maggot, I still can not stop! Here are two new ones: I Heart Maggots in purple Maggots Gone Green. Leafy Green. I attempted a Fiery Maggot, but alas, it was not meant to be. I will attempt it again soon. I have shipped … More More? Yes!

I Heart Maggots!

Don’t we all feel that way? Here’s a beautiful variation on a PterodactylPants classic design. A bit early for Valentine’s Day, but there’s nothing like a maggot to spread the love around. A Lovely Haiku: I’m worming my way Into your affections and Your pulsating heart. Look at all that painstaking detail work! It took … More I Heart Maggots!