Where Have You Been?

Good Question! I’ve been busy – stocking up for craft shows and taking a bunch of custom orders. Here are some of my latest projects. Why do the Cleveland Browns have to have the ugliest team colors EVER? It’s been a while . . . but the Cosmonauts are back! Here is the Lieutenant – … More Where Have You Been?

Bitten and Smitten

Here’s a piece I did for the Department Show. Back to work! (I have so much more to sew – and the clock is ticking!) A bit romantic, isn’t it? A Cherubic Haiku: If you stand too close I’ll pierce you through the heart with Arrows of desire.


Soo….when you make a maggot that is big and round in the middle, and little on the ends, you run into one main problem: Its legs don’t touch the ground! I guess we can overlook that one impracticality, when you consider that real maggots don’t have legs at all. But what a looker, eh? Taha … More Cackalack-y


Here are some tidbits: A Fuzzybottom in blueberry, for Cassie’s 25th. I made one in plaid also (for Christine’s 21st) but I accidentally erased all the pictures I took! And a new maggot, for you lovers of pestilence and gross stuff! The chocolate maggot, in three delicious shades of chocolatey brown. A Scrumptious Maggot Haiku: … More Smorgasbord

Vapor and Whim-Wham

Maggots! I think I have perfected the design. Fuzzy, adorable, and good for a snuggle. And of course . . . The belly: The booty! A Perfect Maggot Haiku: I splash in puddles, And when I start to feel clean, I roll in the mud! A Mother’s Day Maggot thrown in for good measure.

Spilling the Beans

Here are the beans! I’ve noticed on other plush pages that no one has qualms about showing their Crammed Organisms submissions off now, way before the show begins. So why should I? Here goes. (Sound trumpets.) Here are my submission for the show. 9 pieces in all. The Apples (The big one is the only … More Spilling the Beans