Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Is coming up in October. My beloved Plushteam is participating in an inspired fundraiser for the cause. We are all chipping in, creating new and original plush pieces to promote breast cancer awareness. Here are some of the entries so far: A Plush Deer in Pink from Emily at Follow the White Rabbit a OoAKie … More Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Making Headlines

PterodactylPants has been creating quite a stir lately. What started as teeny ripples in the world wide web have become huge waves! 1. My beloved Etsy has featured one of my Maggots in a blog showcase recently. You can read the article here, entitled Keep it Weird, Etsy!: Animal Instinct. (Fitting, right?) Scroll down the … More Making Headlines

Back in Business

I’ve been away all week in Dallas at the Toy Show, and fiending for some craftiness. (I did have my knitting needles with me.) Here’s a picture of the coolest thing I saw while I was there: That huge sculpture is made entirely out of Moon Sand – some very cool stuff. I have had … More Back in Business