All done! 10 little plushies on their way to the Geode Gallery in Cleveland, OH. And from the back: A size comparison: Posing with one of my new rings. My fingers are so tired from sewing all their mouths closed! I think I may modify this design and post a few more for sale online … More Done!


Happy New Year all over again! Please accept my submission to theĀ  most recent Plushteam Challenge. I call this piece The Resolution: Be Nicer to People Here we see this little monster having just learned a valuable lesson – it doesn’t feel good to be mean to others! Chopping your friends up with a little … More Resolved.


The Plush team is doing a swap this month, and it’s so exciting! It’s the first swap I’ve ever done, and it’s all quite secretive. One lucky member of the team will be receiving this special creature on their doorstep in a matter of days . . . but I can’t tell you who! (It’s … More Swaps!

Boo! Ah!

Well, I’ve been feeling quite Halloweeny. I almost finished a giant bag of candy corn today. Single-handedly. Here’s my Mummy Maggot, which I have made for the latest Plush Team challenge. This one was so much fun! I’ll post more pictures when I can get some good ones. This one is extremely difficult to photograph! … More Boo! Ah!

Shameless Plug

for the Plush Team! I can’t help it! They’ve welcomed me with open arms, and it’s so great to have a group of fellow plush-lovers to talk plush with. The challenges have been fun, as well (you remember the Crystal Ball of a few posts ago) and here’s another – PT Stitchy, the Plush Team … More Shameless Plug

W-I-P-in it!

Work in Progress. P.T. Stitchy for the Plush Team. P.T. is the team mascot (c/o NervousOnion) (you can see Stitchy on the computer screen below) These little letters are a pain in the butt! Should be done in a day or two. Stay tuned!