Mistakes Made Marvelous

Every two months the Plush Team issues a challenge to its members – to stretch the imagination and create something exciting and new, based on a specific theme. You may remember such classic plush team challenge entries from the past as the Crystal Ball, the Mummy Maggot, and the Walrus. The January/February team challenge should … More Mistakes Made Marvelous

Put ‘Em Up!

I’ve been working away on some of my special signature pieces – the Deputies! I’ve even been experimenting with new moustaches! Hooray! What do you think? Do these moustachioed fellas make you salivate? Want to buy one for yourself? Come out to the Depart-ment sale on the 5th and snatch one up before they’re all … More Put ‘Em Up!

Merry Chanukah!

Here’s another Dreidel I made – a custom piece for a friend of mine who will soon be inaugurating his first Xmas tree. This beautiful handmade Dreidel Ornament is the perfect choice for anyone’s multi-religious holiday festivities!

Still Ringing

Here are some prototypes of ornaments I’ve been working on. Orna-monsters, to be exact! This one is red and green and quite adorable. The one on the left, in yellow and blue, is a mini-cosmonaut – a regular in the PterodactylPants family. The angel in the middle is inspired by an Isamu Noguchi sculpture that … More Still Ringing


Meet another in the PterodactylPants family – Odilon the Cyclops. I named this monster after its favorite painter – Odilon Redon. It’s a great name, after all. It’s no surprise either, that Odilon the Cyclops loves this painting the best. (Creepy and awesome – like my plush!) I am toying with the idea of adding … More Odilon