My first Pterodactyl: From humble beginnings . . . An Airborn Haiku: The dinosaur of dinosaurs. The king of kings. I control the skies.

Pterodactyl Mafia

I stumbled across this the other day, and of course my interest was piqued.  Pterodactyl Puke In the creator’s words, his blog consists of “Fine commentary on life, politics, current events, sports, movies, books, and pop culture – offered in a single projectile”.  I mention it because I am amused that someone else has chosen … More Pterodactyl Mafia

Happy 2009!

Here are my New Years Crafty Resolutions: 1. Find innovative ways to use up my growing piles of fleece scraps. I tried to do this today by making this: It’s just a yellow ball stuffed with fleece scraps instead of the usual polyfil. It’s not satisfyingly squishable, like my other plushies are. Also, I think … More Happy 2009!

You forgot the pants!

Hello! Here’s a quick post to say I am working away in my crafty corner of the living room, preparing something sensational to dazzle your senses. I’ve been doing some tentacle explorations lately, which is often frustrating. Tentacles are hard! Hard to turn inside out and hard to stuff. Oy. In the meantime, here is … More You forgot the pants!