The Bury

Let’s hear it for collective nouns! A group of rabbits is called a bury? Who knew? Here’s my latest. I think I may be done with rabbits for now.

April Showers

Bring May Flowers. Here’s a bunny who’s ready for Spring! I’m ready for Spring, too. What do you think? Do you like the floral motif? This one has a tail – I think it’s an improvement. The fabric for this bunny was a sheet I salvaged from the thrift store. There’s still so much sheet … More April Showers

Fortuitous Fuzz

Well, it’s the nature of the season. I have made a plush rabbit. If you go poke around on Etsy you’ll find all sorts of rabbits abounding like . . . well, rabbits. Here’s my version. It’s a nod to my original FuzzyBottom design, but entirely new. Rabbits love carrots, right? I’m tickled over this … More Fortuitous Fuzz


Here are some tidbits: A Fuzzybottom in blueberry, for Cassie’s 25th. I made one in plaid also (for Christine’s 21st) but I accidentally erased all the pictures I took! And a new maggot, for you lovers of pestilence and gross stuff! The chocolate maggot, in three delicious shades of chocolatey brown. A Scrumptious Maggot Haiku: … More Smorgasbord

Fuzzybottom the 2nd

Another enthusiastic member of the fuzzybottom family. Now for sale in my Etsy Shop! A Fuzzy-Bottomed Haiku: Let’s have a picnic. We can smell the wildflowers And play duck-duck-goose!