Feeling Nutty

I know it’s a bit out of season, but I felt this design calling to me. This little nut is about 2 inches tall With an embroidered cross-hatch cap. A Oaky Haiku: Lock up your squirrels, Put your blue jays in cages. I’m coming over!


No, it’s not really a vampire. It’s a hideous beast! Actually, this beast is quite adorable, if not a little cranky. Meet the Dendrophobe! Deeply terrified of trees. Hence the stump: Now, we here at PterodactylPants love and adore trees and do not condone chopping them down in any way. We appreciate trees in all … More Trans-Sylvanian


I have been hard at work! Yet, I have little to show for it at the moment. Here’s a sneak peak at a work in progress to let you know I haven’t dropped off the face. (Of the Earth) What could it be? Whatever it is – it should be done and posted tomorrow night.