Oui Oui!

It’s me! I’m back! And I made a Broccoli Monster! It’s exciting. So, from the front, this critter has many large chompers for chomping green veggies: And on the back – a fancy veggie tattoo. This little broccoli applique is made up of many many little french knots. Too many to count! What’s a french … More Oui Oui!

A Little Husky

My Carrot has inspired me to create more veggies. Corn on the Cob Check out the detail I put into the individual kernels. That took some time! And, it’s a set! The corn can be easily shucked for realistic corny fun! A Gritty Haiku: The perfect food, my Versatility astounds. You can call me Maize.


I got to work this morning and looked at the calendar when I realized, “I missed Haiku Contest Day!” I’m outraged at myself. So sorry, all you plush and haiku lovers out there. To make it up to you, a day late, here is this month’s spectacular and nutritious plush up for grabs in the … More Carotenoderma