Shout Out!

Here’s a shout out to a fellow Plushteamer, friend, and a real Plush Maven – Felicia of FluffyFlowers fame! She is the proud owner of one of my mini maggots, and as her creativity knows no bounds, she has concocted a heartwarming little story about him! The super-crrepy-and-amazingly-awesome monster plush is from JunkerJane. I know … More Shout Out!


Here are some tidbits: A Fuzzybottom in blueberry, for Cassie’s 25th. I made one in plaid also (for Christine’s 21st) but I accidentally erased all the pictures I took! And a new maggot, for you lovers of pestilence and gross stuff! The chocolate maggot, in three delicious shades of chocolatey brown. A Scrumptious Maggot Haiku: … More Smorgasbord

Vapor and Whim-Wham

Maggots! I think I have perfected the design. Fuzzy, adorable, and good for a snuggle. And of course . . . The belly: The booty! A Perfect Maggot Haiku: I splash in puddles, And when I start to feel clean, I roll in the mud! A Mother’s Day Maggot thrown in for good measure.

The Walrus Maggot

A close relative of the Common Domestic Maggot, this more rare, more dangerous species was only recently discovered. Part walrus, part worm, 100% fascinating! A Walrus Maggot Haiku: When you’re not looking I’ll sneak into your shower, And nibble the soap. This little critter is much smaller than the other maggot – at about 5 … More The Walrus Maggot