Winter Wonderland

Hello, lovely wonderful people of the inter-nets. Happy Winter! In honor of this majestic and miserable season’s commencement, I thought I’d drop a line and let you know that I am alive and well, and sewing. December is a rough month, and I feel like most of us are trying to keep our heads above … More Winter Wonderland

Still Ringing

Here are some prototypes of ornaments I’ve been working on. Orna-monsters, to be exact! This one is red and green and quite adorable. The one on the left, in yellow and blue, is a mini-cosmonaut – a regular in the PterodactylPants family. The angel in the middle is inspired by an Isamu Noguchi sculpture that … More Still Ringing

Sleigh Bells Ring

A bit prematurely. I have begun thinking about the holidays. It’s only natural, as a plush purveyor, since the fall and winter seasons are the ones in which these furry, cuddly critters are in highest demand. They make you feel warm just looking at them, don’t they? Who wouldn’t want a giant maggot to cuddle … More Sleigh Bells Ring