Dressed to impress in a pirate eye-patch: Training for the cheer-leading squad: An Icy Haiku: It’s chilly out here on the open ocean blue And inside my soul.

Blast Off!

For this recent Plushteam Challenge – Plush: The Final Frontier: A Weightless Haiku: Buckle up. It’s the Law of gravity and of Astronauts like me.

Warming Up

Getting back into the plush groove. Here are some fresh photos of work I made for last summer’s Pitchfork Music Festival. A little Abbey Road. And a little early Valentine’s. A Squirmy Haiku:  Unbridled Passions Pulse between invertebrates Kissing in vitro.

Fe Fi Fo Fum!

Thank goodness for the Plush Team. They keep me on my toes. This (huge!) beanstalk is the result of the most recent Plush Team Fairy Tale Challenge. I tried to rise to the occasion. The Beanstalk is 21″ tall, and will be available in the Plush Team shop later today! From the front: Side view: … More Fe Fi Fo Fum!


My first Pterodactyl: From humble beginnings . . . An Airborn Haiku: The dinosaur of dinosaurs. The king of kings. I control the skies.

Those Teeth

A certain someone mentioned that my last Fuzzybottom looked like a beaver. I’ll tell you what looks like a beaver! This beaver I made: A Damned Haiku: Let fall the huge logs That dam up the river of Your rushing feelings.

Start. Reset.

Play! Just finished a custom piece – an XBox Controller. Gotta love those gamers. Having babies. Little Baby-Gamers. Remember this? Can you believe that was four years ago??! A Hi-tech Haiku: In our extra lives, We level up each time you Mash down my buttons.


Do you ever say to yourself, “I wish I had more stuff that I could use to stick stuff to other stuff.”? PterodactylPants now has magnets for that. Take a gander:   Packs of 4 and Packs of 2 A Sticky Haiku: Your “Happy Birthday” Flutters every time I eat Chocolate ice cream.

Love is in the Air

Looking for token of your love to bestow upon someone who makes you smile? It is that time of year, afterall. Check out this awesome gift guide from the Plush Team, featuring the Hug in Pink from yours truly. Click through for more details on the individual pieces.