Do you ever say to yourself, “I wish I had more stuff that I could use to stick stuff to other stuff.”? PterodactylPants now has magnets for that. Take a gander: ¬† Packs of 4 and Packs of 2 A Sticky Haiku: Your “Happy Birthday” Flutters every time I eat Chocolate ice cream.

About Town

Where has PterodactlyPants been lately? All over the internet, that’s where! Check out my interview with Schmancy Toys for the Plush You! Show going on in Seattle right now, and my spot for the DIY Trunk Show coming up in Chicago in a few short weeks. Of course, you can check out my Tumblr, Flickr, … More About Town


Thanks to everyone who voted for the Organ Grinder Monkey in the Plushteam’s Steampunk challenge. Alas, I did not win, though I think I came in second, which is no small feat considering the competition! The most deserving winner of the gadget category was Becky Gould of Scrumptious Delight, and her amazing blimp. You can … More Click.

Apt Decor

I am at home now in my sweet new apartment. This is the first thing I have made with my sewing machine since I’ve been here. The Front and The Back Hidden zipper! It’s a shame that this pillow doesn’t happen to match the beige/red/yellow/Persian rug/wooden library motif I’ve got going on in my living … More Apt Decor

Local Relocation

Hello, my lovelies! I know it’s been quiet around here, and it will continue to be so for the next few weeks. I am moving! After living in my current place for two years, I am dumbfounded at the massive amount of crap I have accumulated. And now I have to move it to my … More Local Relocation

Special Delivery

On a whim I decided to send some mail to a stranger. Real authentic pen-in-hand-paper-on-the-table mail. It felt good. Thanks to the people over at the Invisible Creature Blog, who inspired me to do something I had never done before. The challenge: send a self-addressed-stamped-envelope to them and get something (what? I don’t know!) back. … More Special Delivery


I am a prolific maker of mixes. Always have been. I was that kid, back in 1994, with her ear glued to the boombox speaker, pressing “record” when those special songs came on the radio. Those mixes were fantastic – complete with choppy interjections from radio DJs. If I caught a song already halfway over? … More Mix-Master

Wind me up.

I stumbled across this the other day online somewhere and it made me laugh. It also reminded me of me as I have an odd preoccupation with teeny wind up toys. It’s reminiscent of this gem from my original photo archives: I like this one, too, taken by¬†Jonathan McIntosh, in Boston in 2003. Have a … More Wind me up.

Mad for it.

I am falling in love with Amanda Visell. I’ll be out trolling the internets for inspiration, when I come across something like this, and think, “Wow. That is some gorgeous design.” Then, the next day I find something else and I think, “This is amazing!” and sure enough, it’s another piece by Amanda Visell. This … More Mad for it.


************************* We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring this super-important-crafty-news-brief! ************************* I’ve been working hard on the March/April Plushteam challenge – mythology! (That’s any mythology, not just Greek or Roman.) I brainstormed Sea Serpents for a bit – the Leviathan, the Yacumama. I even whipped one up that I was sure was going to … More Slithery.