Look at this great fabric I picked up at the thrift store: I have always been a fan of the compass. Also a fan of the nautical theme. Taha likes it, too!

From the Deep

Lock your doors! Bring your small furry animals inside! It’s the Swamp Monster! Here it is emerging from the Oozing Depths of sludge and slime. Notice the crazed look in the eyes. No one is safe! Here’s the traditional PterodactylPants embellishment – in lily-pad form. A bird’s eye view. And Adorably Sludgy Haiku: I tried … More From the Deep

Sleigh Bells Ring

A bit prematurely. I have begun thinking about the holidays. It’s only natural, as a plush purveyor, since the fall and winter seasons are the ones in which these furry, cuddly critters are in highest demand. They make you feel warm just looking at them, don’t they? Who wouldn’t want a giant maggot to cuddle … More Sleigh Bells Ring


Meet another in the PterodactylPants family – Odilon the Cyclops. I named this monster after its favorite painter – Odilon Redon. It’s a great name, after all. It’s no surprise either, that Odilon the Cyclops loves this painting the best. (Creepy and awesome – like my plush!) I am toying with the idea of adding … More Odilon


A total departure from my usual style. Jeepers the Creep A Fringy Haiku: I read the entire Encyclopedia, but I wasn’t in it.

Plush Therapy

I have been through a plushing whirlwind. A week away from the sewing machine has made me crazy! (and a little rusty) I started off with a quick catnip hand for Taha: He went crazy for it! Then I started on this critter: What is it going to be? No idea. But I love it! … More Plush Therapy

Back in Business

I’ve been away all week in Dallas at the Toy Show, and fiending for some craftiness. (I did have my knitting needles with me.) Here’s a picture of the coolest thing I saw while I was there: That huge sculpture is made entirely out of Moon Sand – some very cool stuff. I have had … More Back in Business

Angel Spawn

What is the only creature that, even in its larval state, can stand up to the evil powers of the Demon Spawn? The Angel Spawn, of course!! The angel spawn is very large, with long cloudy-white feet that make it very difficult to photograph in my little light-box. The eyes are made of light particles … More Angel Spawn

The Haiku Haiku

Hello, plush loving friends! I have been overjoyed at the entries you guys have submitted to the haiku contest – they have made me smile every day for the past week! Thank you to Judy K, Dasi, Kristen, Amon, Sarah, Morgen, Austin, Jeannie, Tom, Luke, Gustav, and many others whose names, I’m fairly sure, have … More The Haiku Haiku