I’m German. Well, by blood, not birthplace. I still feel German . . . sometimes. I felt it full-on when I saw these images the other day on the Etsy blog. They spoke to me – I was just drawn in. Is it my German blood that attracts me to these or are they just … More Eingebung

Sweet & Simple

I’m slowly regaining my crafty mojo. It’s been a long and winding road. Here’s a cute little bunny I whipped up for plush therapy, in between cutting and piecing a much bigger creature for an upcoming Plushteam challenge. (Mythology!) It’s like eating a giant basket of greasy french fries when you’re hungover. Feels good.


I took this photo last week, just a few blocks from my house. There’s an aura of mystery in this town now that spring is a-brewin’.

Where’s the Maggot?

The Plushteam has finally amassed all the wonderful goodies it will be sending to the Lauren’s Legacy Organization for their Mothers Matter Baskets. When I saw this picture, I was instantly reminded of Where’s Waldo – one of my absolute favorite phenomena from childhood. Can you spot the PterodactylPants Plush? (Hint: There are 7 in … More Where’s the Maggot?

Go for the Gold!

I finally finished my piece for the Schmancy Olympic Challenge! Hooray! As you know, I had the skiing category, a challenge for this plushmaker, as I’ve never skied in my life. Skiing comes naturally for this little guy, though, since he brings his own skis with him wherever he goes! And he always remembers to … More Go for the Gold!