The Blues

I’ve got the lobster blues. The blue lobsters, that is. Still carnivorous. Still as adorable as ever! It also looks a bit patriotic, doesn’t it? I find this type of tiny free-handed embroidery to be excellent and satisfying. Isn’t that little lobster magnificent? A Cannibalistic Haiku: My friendships are few. But when I feel lonely, … More The Blues


What’s the haps at Casa Pterodactyl? The aforementioned Crustaceans: I just posted a slew of Baby Crabs in my Etsy shop – complete with flowing seaweed applique on their booties! A Pinchy Haiku: I’ll sneak up on you, At awkward moments to ask, “What’s the Scuttlebutt?” More pillows! More zippers! What’s next?

Apt Decor

I am at home now in my sweet new apartment. This is the first thing I have made with my sewing machine since I’ve been here. The Front and The Back Hidden zipper! It’s a shame that this pillow doesn’t happen to match the beige/red/yellow/Persian rug/wooden library motif I’ve got going on in my living … More Apt Decor