Uncle Mortimer

While Mr. Windsor is a laid back hipster, his little brother Mort is a huge geek. They have the same taste in eyewear, though. Available now – he’s one of a kind!

We Conquered.

Well, the Plushteam rocked San Mateo’s Maker Faire this past weekend. I sent a bushel of baby corn and some mini maggots to represent the windy city amongst the team’s amazing plush pieces. Check it out: Here’s a screen shot of a Gigapan of the team’s setup at the Faire. (What’s a Gigapan, right? I … More We Conquered.


I’ve stripped Sir Windsor of his knighthood. He just got too haughty for his own good. He is now plain old Mr. Windsor. Just the regular dude next door. Available now in the Plushteam Store. A Paternal Haiku: So sorry I’m late! My striped necktie seems to be All tied in a knot!

Sir Windsor

Father’s Day is around the bend, and here’s a sneak peek at some goodies for the occasion that will soon be available in the Plush Team Shop! It never hurts to get a head start on shopping for that special man in your life! More to come on Sir Windsor. (P.S. I had to Google … More Sir Windsor


I am a prolific maker of mixes. Always have been. I was that kid, back in 1994, with her ear glued to the boombox speaker, pressing “record” when those special songs came on the radio. Those mixes were fantastic – complete with choppy interjections from radio DJs. If I caught a song already halfway over? … More Mix-Master