T-17 Days and Counting

Whoa. I did the math and I have to make 1 piece of plush a DAY every day until Renegade in order to fill my 25 plush quota for the show (without fudging and using plush from my Etsy shop). !! Now, this is all well and good, but I’ve got a full time job, … More T-17 Days and Counting

Ballistic Trauma

Hello all! Where have I been? Working on Renegade…or feeling bad about how little work I’ve been doing to prepare for Renegade. Three weeks away! I’m going Maggot-crazy! Here’s a little something new I whipped up to break up the pre-craft-show monotony. My original sketch depicted an unfortunate monster, glancing down in horror at his … More Ballistic Trauma

Renegade Maggots

Preppin’ for the big show. A baby maggot. (As you can see) I had to hand stitch all the panels together, because the pieces were too small for the machine. Happy family. I have another, larger, 5-section maggot to make today to complete the series. I’ve decided on Maggots and Deputies to bring to the … More Renegade Maggots

Shameless Plug

for the Plush Team! I can’t help it! They’ve welcomed me with open arms, and it’s so great to have a group of fellow plush-lovers to talk plush with. The challenges have been fun, as well (you remember the Crystal Ball of a few posts ago) and here’s another – PT Stitchy, the Plush Team … More Shameless Plug

W-I-P-in it!

Work in Progress. P.T. Stitchy for the Plush Team. P.T. is the team mascot (c/o NervousOnion) (you can see Stitchy on the computer screen below) These little letters are a pain in the butt! Should be done in a day or two. Stay tuned!

Sally Jane

A friend of mine commissioned this piece. It is an exact (as possible) replica of her older sister’s most-loved doll from childhood. One of those old, mangy toys like we’ve all been carting around for our entire lives. We all have those, right? Soon her sister will have a fresh, new plush version of her … More Sally Jane


Gaze into my crystal ball – what do you see? This one is for a Plush Team Challenge – Let’s go to the Fair. So I thought about the fair and the sideshow – and voila! The crystal ball from the Fortune Teller’s tent. Again, due to the lighting limitations in my apartment, I tried … More Crystallomancy