Ballistic Trauma

Hello all! Where have I been? Working on Renegade…or feeling bad about how little work I’ve been doing to prepare for Renegade. Three weeks away! I’m going Maggot-crazy! Here’s a little something new I whipped up to break up the pre-craft-show monotony. My original sketch depicted an unfortunate monster, glancing down in horror at his … More Ballistic Trauma

Renegade Maggots

Preppin’ for the big show. A baby maggot. (As you can see) I had to hand stitch all the panels together, because the pieces were too small for the machine. Happy family. I have another, larger, 5-section maggot to make today to complete the series. I’ve decided on Maggots and Deputies to bring to the … More Renegade Maggots

Shameless Plug

for the Plush Team! I can’t help it! They’ve welcomed me with open arms, and it’s so great to have a group of fellow plush-lovers to talk plush with. The challenges have been fun, as well (you remember the Crystal Ball of a few posts ago) and here’s another – PT Stitchy, the Plush Team … More Shameless Plug

W-I-P-in it!

Work in Progress. P.T. Stitchy for the Plush Team. P.T. is the team mascot (c/o NervousOnion) (you can see Stitchy on the computer screen below) These little letters are a pain in the butt! Should be done in a day or two. Stay tuned!

Sally Jane

A friend of mine commissioned this piece. It is an exact (as possible) replica of her older sister’s most-loved doll from childhood. One of those old, mangy toys like we’ve all been carting around for our entire lives. We all have those, right? Soon her sister will have a fresh, new plush version of her … More Sally Jane


Gaze into my crystal ball – what do you see? This one is for a Plush Team Challenge – Let’s go to the Fair. So I thought about the fair and the sideshow – and voila! The crystal ball from the Fortune Teller’s tent. Again, due to the lighting limitations in my apartment, I tried … More Crystallomancy