Wind me up.

I stumbled across this the other day online somewhere and it made me laugh. It also reminded me of me as I have an odd preoccupation with teeny wind up toys. It’s reminiscent of this gem from my original photo archives: I like this one, too, taken by┬áJonathan McIntosh, in Boston in 2003. Have a … More Wind me up.

Mad for it.

I am falling in love with Amanda Visell. I’ll be out trolling the internets for inspiration, when I come across something like this, and think, “Wow. That is some gorgeous design.” Then, the next day I find something else and I think, “This is amazing!” and sure enough, it’s another piece by Amanda Visell. This … More Mad for it.

Achingly Cute.

Yes! So my friend has a friend who no longer has a stomach. ­čśŽ It’s terribly unfortunate. She had to have it emergency amputated in Budapest. I kid you not! My friend decided that something soft and adorable like this would speak volumes in the place of a “Get well soon!” card. I think she’s … More Achingly Cute.


Hello, Friends! Have no fear, I have been working. Here’s another toothy pouch I’ve whipped up recently. I’ve got a commissioned piece in the works now (that you’re sure to love!). Don’t forget to head over the Plushteam site to vote for your favorite entry in the mythology challenge – tomorrow’s the last day! You … More Punchy

Beware of Greeks

I took Latin in high school, while the practical students were in Spanish class. I took Latin for four years straight, a Classical Marathon culminating in the translation of Virgil’s Aeneid. Fast forward . . . uh . . . 9(!) years, and that epic work is still taking its toll on me. So it … More Beware of Greeks


************************* We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring this super-important-crafty-news-brief! ************************* I’ve been working hard on the March/April Plushteam challenge – mythology! (That’s any mythology, not just Greek or Roman.) I brainstormed Sea Serpents for a bit – the Leviathan, the Yacumama. I even whipped one up that I was sure was going to … More Slithery.