Blast Off!

For this recent Plushteam Challenge – Plush: The Final Frontier: A Weightless Haiku: Buckle up. It’s the Law of gravity and of Astronauts like me.

Fe Fi Fo Fum!

Thank goodness for the Plush Team. They keep me on my toes. This (huge!) beanstalk is the result of the most recent Plush Team Fairy Tale Challenge. I tried to rise to the occasion. The Beanstalk is 21″ tall, and will be available in the Plush Team shop later today! From the front: Side view: … More Fe Fi Fo Fum!


This happy couple was a special request for a pair of newlyweds who are particularly fond of Dia de los Muertos. And who isn’t? When the air gets a little crispy and golden leaves start to scatter about the streets, I can’t help but feel the spirit of the season. The season of the dead, … More Felicidades!

Crank It Up!

Here it is, finally – my contribution to the Plushteam’s Steampunk Challenge. Introducing, the Organ Grinder’s Monkey: He’s an old soul – a bit somber, a bit morose from life on the streets. What’s that entwined in his tail? It’s a key . . . to the music of the people, the music of passion, … More Crank It Up!


This month’s Plush Team Challenge is to create something inspired by Las Vegas. So naturally, I thought of lobster. It’s pretty obvious I’ve never been Las Vegas. I thought to myself, people eat lobster in fancy restaurants in Las Vegas, don’t they? So, just to be sure, I googled it and found this disturbing phenomenon. … More Cannibals!

Beware of Greeks

I took Latin in high school, while the practical students were in Spanish class. I took Latin for four years straight, a Classical Marathon culminating in the translation of Virgil’s Aeneid. Fast forward . . . uh . . . 9(!) years, and that epic work is still taking its toll on me. So it … More Beware of Greeks

Go for the Gold!

I finally finished my piece for the Schmancy Olympic Challenge! Hooray! As you know, I had the skiing category, a challenge for this plushmaker, as I’ve never skied in my life. Skiing comes naturally for this little guy, though, since he brings his own skis with him wherever he goes! And he always remembers to … More Go for the Gold!

Dabbling in PterodactylPants Once Again

And this month’s spectacular-Haiku-Contest-giveaway-winner is . . . Marija Cilia!!! With this tasty tidbit: I look lethargic But you’ll find I’m wide awake… If you disturb me! It’s catchy and all too true. Don’t disturb sleepy fish! Congratulations, Marija! The Orange Roughy is all yours. The rest of you will have to sit tight until … More Dabbling in PterodactylPants Once Again