Oui Oui!

It’s me! I’m back! And I made a Broccoli Monster! It’s exciting. So, from the front, this critter has many large chompers for chomping green veggies: And on the back – a fancy veggie tattoo. This little broccoli applique is made up of many many little french knots. Too many to count! What’s a french … More Oui Oui!

In Vitro

You might say this idea was conceived on a whim. The potential of a brand new glass jar is something like that of a blank notebook. What to fill it with? KIDNEYS! Human organs? Well, organs made of fleece. It’s just the beginning! Any other ideas? Plush alien babies, perhaps? Strawberries? Mustard? Toes? Eyeballs? You … More In Vitro

El Diablo

He’s a bit surly and a bit sinister. The mustache is pretty suave, isn’t it? Even Satan was once an angel. An Extremely Hot Haiku: Feel a bit chilly? One hug from me and you’ll be Nice and toast-i-fied.