No, it’s not really a vampire. It’s a hideous beast! Actually, this beast is quite adorable, if not a little cranky. Meet the Dendrophobe! Deeply terrified of trees. Hence the stump: Now, we here at PterodactylPants love and adore trees and do not condone chopping them down in any way. We appreciate trees in all … More Trans-Sylvanian


I have been hard at work! Yet, I have little to show for it at the moment. Here’s a sneak peak at a work in progress to let you know I haven’t dropped off the face. (Of the Earth) What could it be? Whatever it is – it should be done and posted tomorrow night.

Making Headlines

PterodactylPants has been creating quite a stir lately. What started as teeny ripples in the world wide web have become huge waves! 1. My beloved Etsy has featured one of my Maggots in a blog showcase recently. You can read the article here, entitled Keep it Weird, Etsy!: Animal Instinct. (Fitting, right?) Scroll down the … More Making Headlines

Dabbling in PterodactylPants Once Again

And this month’s spectacular-Haiku-Contest-giveaway-winner is . . . Marija Cilia!!! With this tasty tidbit: I look lethargic But you’ll find I’m wide awake… If you disturb me! It’s catchy and all too true. Don’t disturb sleepy fish! Congratulations, Marija! The Orange Roughy is all yours. The rest of you will have to sit tight until … More Dabbling in PterodactylPants Once Again

The Astraphobe

From the snow-capped mountains of Scandinavia comes the small-yet-mighty Astraphobe. Yes, he may have an unreasonable fear of thunder, but he makes up for it other ways. He has Super Snuggle Power – which means, when you cuddle with this little monster during a thunderstorm, he eats up all of your worries. Those startling claps … More The Astraphobe

The Slimehead Family

Welcome to August’s very prestigious and much awaited Haiku Contest! I will now unveil this month’s loot – The Orange Roughy Which is a fish – and it is actually a member of the Slimehead Family. Don’t you wish you were a member of the Slimehead Family, too? That sounds like a whole new line … More The Slimehead Family